Teen finds duck family swimming in Boca Raton home pool

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Sometimes a swim in the pool is much easier than heading to a nearby lake or beach, especially when children are involved.

Despite a large lake sitting feet away, a teen in Boca Raton woke this morning to find a mother duck taking a dip in her family's swimming pool along with her 9 little ducklings.

Mackenzie Dallas says she normally sees the duck family in the yard outside the home, but this is the first time the gang actually decided to dive in the pool.

The ducks most likely came in through the patio's doggie door.

Quick thinking by Mackenzie helped when the ducklings had problems getting out of the pool. The 17-year-old placed a boogie board in the shallow end so the baby ducks could walk up the "MacGyver'd" ramp to safety.

Perhaps next time the ducks won't be so rude and will bring snacks... maybe cheese and quackers (get it?).