Nearly 2 dozen Florida Keys residents owed unclaimed bond money

Money not claimed by Sept. 1 will be forfeited to Monroe County

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KEY WEST, Fla. – Nearly two dozen Florida Keys residents have unclaimed bond money that could fall into the hands of Monroe County.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office on Monday released a list of the unclaimed funds on its website.

All but seven of the 20 residents listed are owed $100 or more.

Several residents are owed $500 or more.

Leonard Quasney is owed the most amount of money, according to the published list. Quasney is owed $1,077.

File: Public Notice of Unclaimed Bond Money in Monroe County

The money is currently in the custody of Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

Anyone who is owed money has until Sept. 1 to do so. After that time, it will be forfeited to the county.

To make a claim, contact the Monroe County Sheriff's Office by telephone at 305-292-7015, by email at esheehy@keysso.net or send a written claim notice to:

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Attn: Erin Sheehy, Finance Division

5525 College Road

Key West, FL 33040

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