Winner finally claims $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot

Jackpot is largest ever given to sole winner in U.S. history

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SOUTH CAROLINA – Well that took longer than expected.

The person who won $1.5 billion in a Mega Millions drawing last year has finally stepped forward to claim their prize over four months after the drawing.

The unidentified person who defied the 1 in 302 million odds said they will remain anonymous. The total jackpot is the largest ever to a single winner in U.S. history.

The South Carolina resident chose the cash option of a one-time payment of $877,784,124.

The winning ticket was sold in Simpsonville, S.C. back on Oct. 23, but since then the sole winner has remained in hiding. The winner had 180 days, or until April 21, to claim the winnings.

When purchasing their ticket, the winner allowed another customer to purchase a lottery ticket in front of him or her. 

"A simple act of kindness led to an amazing outcome." the lottery said in a release.

When the winner never showed, some thought the ticket may have been lost. Even worse, others believed the winner could have died of a heart attack after hearing they won over a billion dollars.