12-foot crocodile dies after captured in Coral Gables canal

Trappers searching for crocodiles after weekend attack

By Alexandra Fruin - Producer , Roger Lohse

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A nearly 13-foot long crocodile died after it was captured in Coral Gables early Friday morning, as authorities searched for a crocodile that attacked a man and woman in a canal Sunday morning. 

A representative for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission confirmed to Local 10 News a male crocodile, that residents named Pancho, was captured in a trap before daybreak Friday. He said it became distressed and weak during trapping, and died after it was taken to a temporary facility.

The word spread fast through the Gables by the Sea neighborhood. Some of the waterfront homeowners have been on edge since the attack.

"I think it makes things a lot safer," said one resident.  "I mean, we don't swim in the canal, but we have a lot paddle boarders and kayakers and what if they fell in."

Police said Alejandro Jimenez, 26, and Lisset Rendon, 23, ignored the warning signs posted and decided to take a dip in the canal after drinking with some friends around 2 a.m.

It is unclear whether the crocodile is the same one that is responsible for the attack in the 1300 block of Lugo Avenue.

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