Copper Thieves Victim Dies

Woman Struck By Car On Street Where Thieves Stole Copper Wiring From Lights

MIAMI – A woman who was hit by a car on an unlit road where the copper wiring had been stolen from the street lights has died.

"We thought she was going to pull through, but unfortunately, she didn't," said Latoya Florence, the victim's daughter.

On Sept. 7, Thelma Morrow, 52, was crossing Northwest Seventh Avenue near 59th Street when she was hit.

The driver of the vehicle that hit her, Kinston Dugason, 28, stayed at the scene and called 911 to help the injured woman.

"Both legs were broken, both arms were broken, shoulder was broke, collar bone was broke, her pelvis was broke," Florence said.

A 30-block stretch of road was unlit because copper wiring had been stolen from the street lights, rendering them inoperable. They have since been repaired.

"We all feel if the street lights were on, she wouldn't be fighting for her life," Lt. Ignatius Carroll of Miami Fire Rescue said the night of the accident.

"It took for this to happen for them to fix the lights," Florence said. "It's not fair to me, my family, nor my mother."

"I'm really going to miss my sister," said Molly Morrow Dorsey.

Dugason was not charged.