Other woman named in Rothstein depo


In his marathon Miami deposition, Scott Rothstein wasn't shy about his use of women to entice investors and so-called "co-conspirators" into his billion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

He testified that he used escorts from an unnamed agency (a source says it was the defunct Miami Companions, which was busted last year on prostitution charge) and strippers at Solid Gold.

But only one name surfaced in the deposition; and the imprisoned Rothstein, who remains married to wife Kim, doesn't indicate she was a stripper or an escort. Rather she appears to have been there solely for him.  

Her name is Ali Hecht and she's pictured above. She's a Fort Lauderdale massage therapist and yoga instructor and here's how she describes herself on her website:

"The most sought after massage therapist in South Florida, Ali Hecht has become a celebrity in her own right by creating her own first class, all-inclusive wellness company that puts the client first. Known for her charisma, outstanding business acumen and generosity, her client book reads like a who's who list of pro athletes, celebrities, CEO's, doctors and people seeking the ultimate in wellness and unparalled customer service."

Rothstein says Hecht accompanied him on a trip with New York hedge funder Ari Glass to the Bahamas and also met him at his home while he was with another hedge fund guy, Jack Simony. But in both cases Rothstein says it was only he who spent any time with Hecht. In fact, he says Simony struck out with one of her friends before he called a professional escort in for him.

I left a message for Hecht that wasn't returned. Here are the pertinent parts of the transcript:

Q And as an active and indispensable participant in this process, you are aware that during the course of your testimony, you have actually had to cover, or did cover, some indelicate matters concerning various individuals, including testimony on allegedly indelicate matters concerning some of my clients, right?

A Unfortunately, yes, sir, that is true.

Q Okay. So I would like to -- I would like to try to delicately revisit these indelicate matters to make sure that your recollection on these matters is -- is what you want it to be. At page 310 of the transcript, you testified that you and Ari Glass went to the Bahamas; do you recall that?

A Yes.

Q And then you said at line 21, I'm reading part of your answer: And I'll a range, quote, unquote, entertainment for us for the trip. Do you recall giving that testimony?

A Yes, sir.

Q Okay. And by your use of the entertainment in quotes, I take it you were suggesting that the entertainment was female?

A Yes, sir.

Q And then you went on to say: When we arrived in the Bahamas, we checked into a hotel. We got two rooms. We had a guest with us. Do you recall that testimony?

A Yes, sir.

Q Again, is it fair for -- to take away from your reference to the guest, that the suggestion here was the guest was female?

A The guest was female, yes.

Q Now, am I correct that this particular female guest was your female friend?

A She was.

Q All right. And, in fact, her name is Ali Hecht (phonetic)?

A Correct.

Q And you brought her with you to the Bahamas with Mr. Glass, correct?

A I did.

Q And at that -- on that occasion, if anyone spent time with that female guest, it was you?

A With that female guest, I am the one who spent time with her, yes.

Q Correct. And if we ask Ms. Hecht whether anyone else spent time with Mr. Glass, would she say that Mr. Glass engaged in these delicate activities while he was in the Bahamas?

A She would have no way of knowing.

Q You also said at a different point in time in your testimony that Ari Glass went to a strip club with you, and I'm quoting you, I think, and he was serviced there. Do you remember that?

A Yes, sir.

Q All right. Now, Mr. Glass denies ever going to a strip club with you, Mr. Rothstein; and is it possible that you are mistaken as to whether you personally went to a strip club with Mr. Glass?

ALL PRESENT: Objection.

A I'm not mistaken, no, sir.


Q Okay. Did any third person accompany you and Mr. Glass on this -- to a strip club in -- I'll leave it there.

A I believe there were people there that I knew when we got there, but I don't recall anyone actually going with us, because I believe we were driving in a two-seater car.

Q All right. Can you identify the name of any individual who could testify that they were with you and Mr. Glass at a strip club?

A Yeah. Ovadia Levy was there. He had some other people with him. I think he was there almost every night, so that would not have been unusual. Jeff Schulman was there. He was waiting tables the evening that we were there, I believe. If I'm not mistaken, there may have been other people there.

Q And what would Mr. Levy or Mr. Schulman testify to, if they were called to testify about what you say they observed in that strip club?

A I don't think they would say they observed anything. Mr. Schulman was waiting tables up in a

12 restaurant section of Solid Gold, and Mr. Levy was otherwise occupied. I'm being delicate.

Q I appreciate that or, at least, Mr. Levy appreciates it. Now --

A And just so you know, because I can't tell you, and I want to make sure this is clear, I --

Q Go ahead.

A -- the way it works in that particular establishment is you pay the girl and then they take you into a back area that's curtained off. I did not go in there with Mr. Glass to see him get serviced, so I can only assume, based upon the money that I gave and the fact that he did go with the girl. So I can't tell you for certain what happened back in there.

Q Nor are you able to identify anyone, other than yourself, that can testify to that?

A Generally, when you're in a strip club, you're not looking for witnesses, so no. Your focal point is  elsewhere.

Q Are you sure --

A I'm being delicate.

Q All right. You also testified about an escort with Mr. Simony; do you recall that?

A I do.

Q Now, is this in connection with an occasion when Mr. Simony slept over your house?

A Correct.

Q And do you recall that that was in the fall of 2009?

A I don't recall the time frame, but I do recall  him being at my home in the fall of 2009. That sounds approximately correct.

Q And do you recall that you and Mr. Simony went to a football game?

A I don't have a specific recollection, but that's certainly possible.

Q Therefore, it would have been in the fall of 2009?

A I'm not doubting that was in the fall of 2009.

Q Do you recall that after the football game, you went to your home?

A Excuse me. I do recall that. Yes, sir.

Q And when the two of you arrived, am I correct that there were two women in your house waiting for you?

A No. There were no women there waiting for me. I actually called them and had them meet us there.

Q Okay. And one of the two women who came was your friend Ali Hecht?

A Correct.

Q And she had a friend?

A Correct.

Q And am I correct that you and -- you drank -- the four of you drank and talked for a while?

A Yes.

Q All right. And then you and Ms. Hecht went into a hot tub in your house?

A No. We went swimming.

Q Okay. And that Jack and Ms. Hecht's accompaniment did not go swimming?

A That's correct.

Q And that you and Ms. Hecht came back shortly afterwards, and that shortly after the two of you came back from swimming, the two women left the home. Do you recall that?

A No. What happened was we were all sitting outside. Ms. Hecht and I went swimming. Jack stayed

there, talking to that female; and eventually they left. That was not the female I was talking about Jack being with.

Q Okay. You did not personally see Mr. Simony have an indelicate relationship with that female, did you?

A With that female, no; but I heard him having an indelicate relationship with another woman that I sent to his room.

Q When was that?

A After the two women left. He was trying to make headway, to put it delicately, with Ms. Hecht's friend; he was unsuccessful. He went upstairs to my guest room. I called an escort for him and sent her there, and then I heard them having an indelicate visit, delicately.

Q Okay. And who would testify to that besides you?

A Is it okay for me to say the name of the place I called?

Q You don't have to say the place. I'm asking you the name of the human being that you say would testify to what you have just said, other than yourself.

A There may actually -- you have to check the video records from my home, but there may be actually a record -- I don't know if they still exist -- of the female entering my home and then leaving my home.

Q No one has shown you those video records, have they?

A Not to my knowledge, no, sir.

Q So you have no reason to believe that, in fact, there are such video records?

A I don't know whether they exist one way or the other.