Local 10 crew returns from Cuba

Emotional journey comes to an end

MIAMI – It was an emotional homecoming for the Local 10 crew returning from Cuba.

"It's emotional. I haven't seen my family over there in like two years and you don't know when you're going to go back," said Local 10 producer Michelle Lacamoire.

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After a week of unforgettable memories, Cuba undoubtedly left its mark on the seasoned group of journalists who journeyed to the country for the Pope's visit.

"The people were amazing.  I have goose bumps even talking about it.  They were so welcoming, and they had so much passion," said Local 10 anchor Jen Herrera.

Herrera and Calvin Hughes described their experience as eye-opening both professionally and personally.

"It wasn't until the day of the Mass when we really started to notice our restrictions," said Herrera. 

"When you were in the barricaded area, they could pretty much change the rules.  You realize very quickly that you're in a communist country," said Hughes.

"All the cell phones were cut off, the Internet was cut off, the bars were closed early because they didn't want intoxicated people," said Herrera.

For Lacamoire, seeing the Pope make history was a big deal, but the moment she'll never forget was much more personal.

"For me personally, it was being received by my family over there at the airport," she said.

While a piece of Cuba will always live in their hearts, after the trip to the communist island, they said there's no place like the land of the free.

"It was an amazing experience and I'll never forget it.  I'm so glad that we had this opportunity.  There's nothing like being home and there's like the USA," said Herrera.