Missing millionaire's wife and mother battling over fortune

Missing millionaire Guma Aguiar, right, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry (AP).
Missing millionaire Guma Aguiar, right, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry (AP).

We've heard from the mother of manic-depressive millionaire Guma Aguiar. Ellen Aguiar said she believes her son, who went out on rough seas Tuesday night and didn't return with the boat, is dead.

"The likelihood is that he was tossed off the boat into the waves," she told ABC News.com. "The boat was found, but the body has not been found."

Now we hear from Aguiar's wife, Jamie, who released this statement exclusively to Local 10 in reaction to her mother-in-law's words. She remains hopeful even though the Coast Guard search for Guma was reportedly called off last night. "I am deeply devastated by the disappearance of my husband and my children's father. We are in continuous contact with the Coast Guard and the Police Department, and are cooperating fully in the effort to help find Guma. ... Above all, we remain hopeful that Guma will be returned home to the family that misses him dearly."

Make no mistake: This is a family that has long been feuding over a Aguiar's fortune and his mysterious disappearance has only intensified that fight.

When Aguiar's empty boat came ashore in Fort Lauderdale early Wednesday morning, the missing man's pants, wallet, and cell phone were found by police. Ellen Aguiar contacted police and obtained the cell phone and wallet. When Jamie Aguiar learned of this, she demanded that police get the items back from her mother-in-law, said Bill Scherer, one of the wife's attorneys.

Yesterday, Ellen Aguiar filed a petition at the Broward County Courthouse to take over her son's fortune, which is valued at about $100 million (and was over $200 million not long ago). Scherer said Jamie Aguiar is going to fight against that happening.

In the background is Aguiar's uncle and former business partner, billionaire Thomas Kaplan, who has been locked in a high-stakes legal battle with Aguiar over the $200 million Aguiar received as his share of a natural gas drilling company the two men built. Kaplan is Ellen Aguiar's now estranged brother.

Stay tuned on this one because there's much more to report.

-- There was no crying on this trophy. After one of the greatest seasons ever played, LeBron James' laughed instead with pure joy. He's still young, the other emotions will probably hit him later.

Then again there wasn't much emotion in the final game. Miami had OKC's heart in its hand -- and it squashed it. What a player, and in the end, what a team. James carried this team the entire season with an iron resolve, but everyone was involved in this championship. Wade's greatness came through when it was needed most, with a highlight pass, block, whatever it took. And they couldn't have done this without Chris Bosh. His shooting, his rebounding, and his length were life savers. That's why it's the Big 3.

And the role players? By the end they were having their own personal three-point shooting contest. Mike Miller played last night like a man who really really wanted to sell his house. It was great to see after a tough year he's had with a back that's so bad you can feel the pain through the television when he struggles down the court.

Miller was following the lead set by Shane Battier, early in the series, and Mario Chalmers late (sparked by Norris Cole's Game 4 exploits). And Pat Riley, who put the team together, was like a guy freed from jail. Nobody wears winning better than Pat Riley, or losing much worse."Can we have Can we have a party tonight?" he asked, rousing up the crowd. "Is it okay to have a party tonight?"

I think this one may go into the weekend.