Scott Rothstein missing treasure depo was stopped

Scott and Kim at a fundraiser.
Scott and Kim at a fundraiser.

When Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein spent two weeks in videotaped depositions back in June, he was set to testify about millions of dollars in missing treasure he bought with stolen money.

The deposition was in the bankruptcy case filed against JR Dunn Jewelers, which had sold millions of dollars worth of gems to the fraudster. Some of that Dunn jewelry -- including a 12 carat diamond ring valued at over $300,000 -- had gone missing. It was time for Rothstein to testify about what he knew about.

But the deposition was scrapped just before it was set to begin. While only tight-lipped federal officials know exactly why it was canceled, sources close to the case tell me they suspect Rothstein blew the whistle on his own wife.  

It was Kim Rothstein, the feds say, who grabbed over a million dollars worth of Ponzi treasure under the nose of the FBI and tried to secretly sell it with the help of her attorney, Scott Saidel, her close friend, Stacie Weisman, jeweler Patrick Daoud, and ex-con Eddy Marin. 

When bankruptcy attorneys sued Dunn for the missing jewelry, owner Sean Dunn tracked down the 12 carat diamond ring to Daoud. Then Dunn's attorney, Patrick Scott, began deposing those involved.

"Sean Dunn originally started looking for the most valuable of the jewelry that J.R. Dunn had sold, as a way to mitigate the Dunns' exposure to the [bankruptcy lawsuit]," Scott wrote me. "The Dunns asked me to help develop the information through depositions and document subpoenas and we turned over all the information to the United States Attorney." 

With Dunn and the feds closing in, Kim Rothstein claimed that her husband had sold the diamond ring to a deceased man named Robert Fuchs, according to court records, and tried tried to get her husband to back up her story in his June deposition. 

But that deposition never happened -- and Kim Rothstein is set to be arraigned n federal court on a conspiracy charge tomorrow.