Driver ticketed in fatal crash still driving after having license suspended

Michael Moshe-Romano: 'I'm not a good driver'

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Local 10 has learned a man who ran a red light and caused a fatal crash in 2010 has been stopped three times since then but hasn't been arrested, even though his driver's license has been suspended for 18 months.

Michael Moshe-Romano, 32, t-boned John Villano, 83, at the corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Northwest 31st Avenue on December 15, according to police records.

Moshe-Romano driver's license was suspended for 18 months after the crash.

But the Broward State Attorney's Office says he has been stopped in Opa Locka and Pembroke Pines for speeding and was also ticketed for driving with a suspended license without knowledge since the fatal crash.

Villano's family is outraged.

"We want some justice. This man has a blatant disregard for the law," said Cindy Villano, John Villano's wife.

"He belongs in jail without a doubt," added Wendy Villano, John Villano's daughter.

Moshe-Romano failed to show up at a status hearing Friday. Judge John Fry suspended his license indefinitely and revoked his ability to drive for business reasons.

Local 10 caught up with Moshe-Romano, who admits he's not a good driver.

"I'm not a good driver, but just because I'm not a good driver doesn't mean I shouldn't have the right to drive," said Moshe-Romano. "Accidents happen all the time."

Moshe-Romano said he is more careful, but people get pulled over every day and he claims he is no different.

But Local 10 has learned Moshe Romano had big problems behind the wheel long before the fatal crash.

Since 1999, he's been cited for fleeing or attempting to elude police, failure to obey traffic devices, like lights or stop signs four different times, careless driving and speeding.

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"I want to have my driving records clear. I want to make a living and I want to live in peace," said Moshe-Romano.

Moshe-Romano said the reason he wasn't in court Friday was because he had the wrong time.

The Villano family said he should have been arrested one of the three times he was stopped after fatal crash when his license was suspended..

"I don't think he should never be allowed to drive again," said Wendy Villano

Judge Fry set another hearing for November 5th.