Gov. Rick Scott complains to Department of Homeland Security about Miami International Airport customs

Scott letter to Sec. Napolitano terms 'chaotic' traveler experience


MIAMI – Florida Gov. Scott wrote a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, describing what he called "a serious situation" concerning U.S. Customs at Miami International Airport.

In the letter, Scott wrote that MIA is number one in the country for international flights and that 97 percent of all international airline passengers arrive in Florida there.

READ: Scott's letter to Napolitano

But Scott wrote that because of insufficient customs staffing at MIA's new $180 million Federal Inspection Services facility, "Written comments often describe the MIA experience as 'chaotic.' In addition to the passport control lanes not being adequately staffed, the exits from Customs are also insufficiently staffed by CBP officers, which results in a bottleneck for passengers trying to exit the facility."

Scott wrote these troubles could eventually impact Florida's bottom line.

"The problem could do considerable damage to Florida's international competitiveness, which could adversely affect job creation in our state," Scott wrote. "Over one million jobs in Florida depend on international trade and investment, and this is one of the healthiest and fastest growing sectors of our economy."

Scott urged Napolitano to take a first-hand look at the problem.

Local 10 has reached out to the DHS for comment about this letter.