Principals upset over cheerleading coach's firing

'They're furious. They're absolutely furious over this'

PARKLAND, Fla. – Broward Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie's decision to fire Melissa Prochilo, the now former cheerleading coach at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who had been cleared of wrongdoing by her own staff, has devastated a team, angered a school community, and put school administrators on edge throughout the district.

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"They're bullying the principal," said Lisa Maxwell with the Broward Principals Association. "They're furious. They're absolutely furious over this."

A recent grand jury reported slammed the school board for meddling in day to day operations.

"I think it's the ultimate micromanagement when you're choosing the cheerleading coach," said Maxwell.

Maxwell said the board never should have fired Coach Melissa Prochilo and that she fears the school's principal, Washington Collado, may be next to be targeted.

"They trashed one of the best principals in the county and they tried to ruin his reputation and it's horrendous," said Maxwell.

After hearing from handful of parents, whose numerous allegations were deemed unfounded, the board ordered Runcie to reconsider his decision to keep Prochilo employed. Runcie then fired her.

Prochilo said she was crushed after her firing.

Maxwell said the move outraged parents, the team, and hundreds of principals she represents.

"They wish that board members would let them run their school," said Maxwell.