Security top priority as presidential debate at Lynn University nears

'Massive undertaking' has been planned for 18 months

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Guards, campus security and volunteers are working around the clock at Lynn University, where the number of people on campus is expected to triple during the third and final presidential debate on Monday.

The high number of people means high security for President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. Peter Eyre, a senior advisor with the Commission on Presidential Debates, told Local 10 most people won't ever see many of the officers and agents.

"These debates are the one time that the two leading candidates for the office of president are on the same stage debating. So for obvious reasons, the security here is extremely tight," said Eyre.

Similar to any high-profile event, security is often layered and unpredictable. Local, state and federal law enforcement are working on and around campus.

"The transformation has been remarkable. We have been working with Lynn University for almost 18 months for all aspects of what will happen here tomorrow night. So, security, logistics. I mean, it has been a massive undertaking," Eyre said.


Most of the extra people descending on the school are either from the Obama or Romney camp. The rest are from the media around the country and even the world, who will all be transported to the campus by bus.

Bob Drogowitz, a Boca Raton resident and debate volunteer, is one of hundreds of people charged with checking credentials. Most of the campus is a secure area; only those with credentials or student IDs are allowed in.

"Everyone has to have some kind of credential or pass or they're not coming through here," Drogowitz said.

"This facility will be an incredibly secure place tomorrow night," Eyre said.