Video of 'neighbor from Hell' released

Mitchell Igelko previously charged with criminal mischief, stalking

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Surveillance video appeared to capture the man described as the "neighbor from hell" in the act, according to his neighbors.

"He was trying to intimidate me," said Francisco Torres, speaking about Mitchell Igelko, his neighbor.

Earlier this month, Mitchell Igelko was arrested and booked in the Miami-Dade County Jail on two counts of criminal mischief and two counts of stalking.

According to his neighbors, Igelko, who owns a lawn maintenance company, has been bullying and tormenting them for nearly four years

"All of his acts are of a retaliatory nature," said next-door neighbor Kelly DerHargopian.

Neighbors said those acts included repeatedly tossing nails on their properties, spraying poisonous chemicals on their lawns, egging their homes, and even hiring others to smash car windows, douse vehicles with gasoline, and blow up boats.

The latest video shot by Torres with a small camera captured Igelko on his lawn in a heated conversation, trying to lure Torres onto his property.

"Come. Come. I will put a bullet in your head," Igelko said in Spanish. "You are all scared. See the way you neighbors live with surveillance systems, fences and everything else... Spend another $50,000, as you already did. I have you crazy spending money."

"He tries to intimidate you to either respect him and, if you don't respect him, he'll do damage to you," said Dr. Bob DerHagopian.

The doctor and his wife, Kelly, live next door to Igelko.

"You'd like to have a trench or a wall between you and he," Bob DerHagopian told Local 10 Crime Specialist John Turchin.

The DerHagopians said it all started about four years ago when they used another landscaper to do some work on their property.

The incidents, they said, included poisoning a tree and some plants. When they compared notes with others in the cul-de-sac, they realized they weren't alone.

Others shared similar stories. So, the neighbors got together and decided the best way to document what was allegedly going on was to catch him in the act. Many of them bought and installed sophisticated surveillance cameras.

"I don't think any neighborhood should have to live with this type of fear and anxiety," said Bob DerHagopian.

Local 10 also discovered there are dozens of police reports filed against Igelko, including allegations of domestic violence, criminal mischief, and shoplifting. In that report, it's noted that Igelko suffers from a mental illness and that he is bi-polar, depressed, delusional, and has an anxiety disorder.