LEDs light up Intercontinental Hotel

Downtown Miami hotel adds to skyline

MIAMI – Nineteen floors of LEDs are lighting up the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami.

The digital display is made by a thin strip of LEDs across six windows of the hotel.

"When we light up the two digital canvases tonight, it certainly is going to change the city skyline forever," said Robert Hill, general manager at the Intercontinental Hotel. "The guests inside the room can't see them. They're sealed against the window and they only penetrate outwards to create this digital canvas.

Hill said that the LEDs were unveiled during Art Basel Miami Beach as a statement that Miami has come a long way in terms of arts and culture.

"Miami is no longer just about sun, sea, and sand. There is a whole new array -- a wide array -- of arts, culture, and entertainment taking place," said Hill.

Hill added that the display is part of a multi-million dollar renovation at the hotel.

"Like the Hong Kongs of the world, the Dubais of the world, and that's what exciting about changing the skyline and making Miami that great global city," said Hill.