Cleaners sanitize business for flu

Coverall Health Based Cleaning uses hospital-grade disinfectants

MIAMI – Cleaning companies are seeing their bottom line influenced by the flu season.

"Business has been up over the last couple of months and we are having an incredible start to the year," said Sean Kajcaeski with Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System®. "I think people are becoming more and more aware about the need to sanitize their work environment."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season in Florida began early. The state is also one of 29 classified as having high flu-like activity and 5 percent of emergency room visits there are flu related.

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System® uses hospital-grade disinfectants to keep workers healthy.

"We can quite frankly customize and get specialized disinfectants for certain types of outbreaks," said Kajcaeski.

The cleaners have specialized pressure cleaners, allowing them to disinfect highly contagious areas without ever having to physically touch anything in the room.

"Telephones, doorknobs, things like that. Your desk can often have 400 times the bacteria of a toilet seat," said Kajcaeski.

To avoid cross contamination, the cleaners use color-coded towels. For example, red represents highly infectious areas.

They also use micro fiber because it picks up the germs and takes them away.

"Even if you are the only one using that work space, you are touching typically 30 other objects an hour in your work environment. So whatever else you touch, you are bringing back to your work space," said Kajcaeski.