Gas station shootout caught on camera

1 killed, 1 charged in attempted robbery at Exxon gas station


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood Police released surveillance video showing a shootout between two robbery suspects and a gas station clerk.

The shooting happened at the Exxon gas station off S.R. 7 just before midnight Tuesday, say police.

The video showed Hasib Kuric run inside to warn the clerk, Leonard Carr, that he saw two men outside donning masks and gloves.

The two robbery suspects, Joshua Stuart and Cory Miller, follow Kuric inside. Kuric tries to hold the door shut, but when Miller gets inside, police say, he then began shooting at Kuric.

Carr shot and killed Miller, 23. Stuart, 19, ran off but was arrested nearby. He is charged with two counts of second-degree Attempted Felony Murder, one count of second-degree Felony Murder, and one count of Armed Occupied Burglary.