Miami-Dade County chair sworn in

Marco Rubio on hand for swearing-in ceremony for Rebecca Sosa

MIAMI – U.S. Sen. Macro Rubio talked about his immigration plan while attending the swearing-in ceremony of the new chair of the Miami-Dade County Commission.

The swearing-in ceremony for Rebecca Sosa was held Friday.

"I am ready to lead this commission as the first female Hispanic chair," said Sosa.

Rubio is fast becoming one of the most influential Hispanic voices in Congress, especially on immigration reform.

"My motivation on immigration is not the politics of it. My motivation is to solve a serious problem that our country faces, my community faces, my state faces," said Rubio.

Rubio is leading the way with an immigration plan, although some may call it amnesty.

"I define amnesty as a special pathway to citizenship. Our plan is not that," said Rubio. "Our plan would basically do two things for people who are undocumented. Number one, if you've committed a serious act of violence or crime in this country, you'll be deported. If you have not, you'll have to come forward and do all the things you've outlined -- a background check, you'll be fingerprinted, you'll have to do community service, you'll have to pay a fine, you'll have to pay back taxes. And in return for that, what you'll get is a non-permanent residence visa to stay in this country legally and to work."

Rubio's plan is similar to the president's. The senator said he hasn't spoken with President Obama about it or compared notes.