It's stadium deja vu all over again

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross asks taxpayers to pay $200 million for stadium upgrads

(COURTESY: Miami Dolphins)

Cue Yogi Berra.

It's deja vu all over again.

Only this time, the billionaire team owner asking for public money for stadium upgrades has the spin in place even before the plan.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will foot half the $400 million renovation he says Sun Life Stadium needs to remain competitive for Super Bowl and other big, lucrative events.

But the rest has to come from tax payers. And his "Hail Mary" plan is aimed at a community feeling burned and shortchanged by bad stadium deals with other teams.

Though Ross' spinmeisters tout support from the tourism industry, they themselves are the ones sending press releases on hotels' behalf.

Ross is not making himself available for in-depth interviews where reporters could drill into the details.

Before the public spends more millions for another sports franchise, Ross has some explaining to do, and promises to keep.

That's our take on things.

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