Police reports detail baby's injuries

Police reports indicate remains believed to be Dontrell Melvin suffered blunt trauma injuries during recovery

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. – Police reports indicate remains believed to be a missing boy may have been damaged during their recovery.

Calvin Melvin Jr. and Brittney Sierra are both charged in connection with their son Dontrell's disappearance.

Dontrell was last seen in 2011 when he was six months old. Investigators believe he's dead.

The remains police found had blunt trauma injuries, according to Hallandale Beach police reports. But the reports indicate the injuries were caused by police officers during the recovery process.

"Post-mortem blunt trauma to the cranium is what I see," said Ed Hoeg, Melvin's attorney. "You want the truth of what really happened and for that, you would need uncompromised evidence. In my opinion, if the evidence is compromised, then it will have serious consequences for both sides in this case."

Former Broward County medical examiner Joshua Perper said damage done during the recovery of the remains could cover injuries that occurred prior to death.

"Every reasonable effort should be made to preserve evidence and if it didn't happen, obviously that will impact on the efficiency of the prosecution," he said.

Hallandale Beach Police Chief Dwayne Flournoy downplayed the injuries when he spoke with Local 10's Bob Norman.