Video explains new I-595 ramps to drivers

Changes start Thursday on eastbound I-595 between Flamingo and Nob Hill roads

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – With some of the new lanes on I-595 ready to open up, the construction company working on the project has released a video so people can see how the new road will work.

The changes start at 5 a.m. Thursday on eastbound I-595, between Flamingo and Nob Hill roads.

Drivers heading to Nob Hill will exit the interstate and continue on a new bypass bridge over Hiatus. Those entering I-595 from Hiatus and Flamingo will use the same ramp.

The new off-ramp to Hiatus begins much earlier than the old ramp.

Drivers from Flamingo will travel on the bypass bridge over Hiatus, then pick up traffic from Hiatus before merging onto the interstate.

These express lanes, also known as braided ramps, will run down the middle of the highway and will switch directions in the morning and afternoon.

That means you won't have to fight with traffic trying to get off the highway, while you are trying to get on.

Detour signs will guide drivers on the new ramp.

The change comes as workers complete permanent ramps at Flamingo, Hiatus and Nob Hill roads.

The $1.2 billion reconstruction project is expected to be completed in 2014.

For more information and to check out the video, click here.