'Pain and Gain' premieres in South Florida

Movie, shot in Miami, stars Mark Wahlberg, The Rock

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Mega star-power lit up Lincoln Road for the red carpet premiere of "Pain and Gain."

The movie, shot in Miami, is based on a real life South Florida crime drama. A pair of sadistic body builders kidnap, torture and murder for money, and it's all ripped right from news headlines, according to the film's screenwriters.

"We relied completely on the articles from the Miami New Times," said the screenwriters.

"You played one sick individual," Local 10's Christina Vazquez said to Mark Wahlberg.

"Yes, and I loved it. I loved every second of it," said Wahlberg. "You know, you get to play a character like this and really push the envelope."

Wahlberg plays Sun Gym manager and gang mastermind Daniel Lugo. A jury found Lugo and his partner-in-crime Noel Doorbal, played by Anthony Mackie, guilty back in 1998. Both are serving death sentences.

Ed Harris plays Ed Du Bois, the real-life private investigator who broke the case.

"The man is a legend in his own right," said Harris. "Do justice to him."

But, for as dark as the crimes were, the movie has some funny moments. Some wonder if it should have been portrayed as a dark comedy.

"There are a lot of absurd moments," said Wahlberg.

"Because the events were so outrageous, there was a twisted humor," said a producer.

For as much as seeing them was a treat for on-lookers, the actors themselves were excited to be here.

Even Karent Sierra, featured on "Desperate Housewives of Miami," found herself breathless.

"My heart is fluttering. It's Mark Wahlberg. It's The Rock," said Sierra. "How do you not get excited about this? This is Hollywood in Miami."

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