Attorneys look for home for abandoned boy

Boy found in parking lot February 21


POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Attorneys representing a 2-month-old boy found abandoned in a parking lot in Pompano Beach in February when he was a newborn are trying to find him a permanent home.

The boy was found February 21 wearing a diaper, wrapped in a blanket, and with a pacifier.

By law, DCF must wait 60 days for his parents to come forward before he can be adopted.

"We are approaching the 60 day mark, which is the typical timeframe that investigators use to try to locate the parents, and since we're almost approaching that date, the lawyers representing the child decided to move forward since, again, no parents have been identified, to terminate those parental rights so that this little boy can be placed for adoption," said Paige Patterson-Hughes with DCF.

The hearing to terminate parental rights is scheduled for May 22.