Hollywood City Commission to discuss proposed charter school

Charter school proposed near Hillcrest Country Club


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The Hollywood City Commission was scheduled to discuss a proposed charter school near the Hillcrest Country Club during a meeting Wednesday.

A developer wants to turn the empty building, once known as the Playdium, into a charter school that could hold 850 students. Three playgrounds are planned outside a 40,000-square-foot building that used to be the Recreation Hall Hillcrest.

But people living at the club worry the school may disrupt their peace and quiet. A majority of those who call Hillcrest home are 55 and older. Signs outside some of the buildings say no children.

Students from the Florida Intercultural Academy hope the commission allowed the proposed school to be built.

"I want the school to be moved so it can be more bigger and have more classrooms and more grades in it and for having a library and a gym and a computer room," said third grader Rayaan Olanipequn.

"I want to support the school so we have a bigger playground," said fourth grader Daje Ambersley. "I want the school to have like sports like running, track and field, basketball, football, and so we could have a bigger playground."

Attorney Alan Koslow, who represents the developer, said the city of Hollywood's zoning board has already approved the project.

The Hollywood City Commission is expected to vote on the proposal in May.