Crews raise historic Hollywood Women's Club to preserve it

Clubhouse must be lowered by June 15


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Construction crews raised the Hollywood Women's Club several feet off the ground Wednesday in an effort to preserve the building.

The club has been headquartered at 501 N. 14th Avenue since 1927.

"We're a national historic site and a Hollywood landmark since 1985," said Shelley DeMarco. "You can't recreate history and the beautiful things that have happened in this building."

But the foundation of the aging building has slowly rotted away.

"We've been able to see, within the last five years, a very progressive deterioration," said Isabelle Wise.

"If we don't restore it, we're going to lose the house," said Jennifer Davis, president of the club.

The club held several fundraisers to raise money to preserve it.

"We can just feel it. Every time, with each walk, you literally can feel that -- oh my God, the time is ticking away. We really have to do something and become aggressive," said Davis.

"This building is in very good shape all and all," said Charles Jordan with New World Builders. "The idea is to get this to a higher level, build a new foundation under it, and then at that point, we'll be able to preserve this building for at least another 85 years."

The historic building's future was solidified when the club received a state grant that helped pay for the $200,000 construction costs.

"We worked hard to get that grant, but we knew we were going to do it," said DeMarco.

"It's just really a happy day to actually see it lifted and to know we are going to preserve history in Hollywood," said Davis.

The building must be lowered by June 15 or the club could lose its grant money.