Security increased for upcoming South Florida events

Police plan extra security for Miami Heat playoff games, Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, Lauderdale Air Show 2013


MIAMI – Law enforcement officials in South Florida plan increased security for upcoming events like the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run in Miami and the Lauderdale Air Show 2013.

"We're going to be adding undercover officers, put the bomb dogs out there, the bomb squad out there, and a lot more of our uniformed presence -- officers on bicycles throughout each home game of the playoffs," said Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa. "For the corporate run, we as well we're going to be doing the same thing."

DeAnna Greenlaw said the Fort Lauderdale Police Department is reevaluating its security for the air show.

"It's not fair to say changing our approach, but we're maybe reallocating things in different areas," she said. "We're trying to utilize, like I said, the information we're receiving from the federal government."