Man walks with C-Brace

Juan Maggi fitted with Hanger's C-Brace


MIAMI – Juan Maggi is only one of five people in the county to receive a bionic leg.

Diagnosed with polio as an infant, Maggi traveled to South Florida from Argentina in order to benefit from this groundbreaking medical technology. He visited with a doctor at the Hanger Clinic in Kendall to get fitted for the brace.

"It employs electronics and computer programmed hydraulics in order to assist the person to walk a more gate cycle," said Bill Moore, clinic manager at the Hanger Clinic.

Maggi was just 1 year old the last time he was able to walk on his own without the use of crutches. He says that this has fundamentally changed his life.

Being born with physical challenges has given Maggi a fierce personality in order to overcome barriers.

Maggi is now finding normalcy in his everyday life. He says the only negative thing is "sweeping."