Thief caught on tape stealing safe

Man steals $7,000 from food store safe

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A thief stole a safe out of a South Florida food store and it was all caught on the store's security camera.

"He threw the rock from here and made a big hole like that," Eddy Henriquez, the owner of Fort Market told Local 10's Todd Tongen.

Henriquez has been in the grocery business for 27 years and he says he has never been robbed like this.

"It was early morning, about 6:40 in the morning," he said. "By the time the alarm company called me, I was surprised . I didn't even pay attention because that is the time everybody is running around on the street."

The incident happened in broad daylight and right next to busy Federal Highway. The thief actually brought a big rock with him in a backpack, smashed out the glass door and then made a beeline to the register. Then he headed to the back office.

After kicking a hole in the outer door, he went right for the register drawers locked inside this cabinet. He ripped the doors right off and stole the cash. Then he went into the office, using something to smash an enormous hole in the office door.

Once inside the office, he went straight for the safe. But what he didn't know was that a security camera was capturing his every move.

After he ransacked the office drawers while looking for cash, the overhead motion sensor light came on and the hooded crook's face was revealed. But that didn't stop him as he headed straight for the safe.

Police and Henriquez think he had inside information because he knew where to look and he got in and out fast.

"In four minutes he got everything," Henriquez said. "Four minutes and he broke all the doors, got a shopping cart, put the safe on a shopping cart and ran outside."

Henriquez says the robber got away with about $7,000. He knows he may never see the money again, but he's hoping viewers might see who the bad guy is, saying he'd like to meet him.

"Believe me, because he doesn't know how hard we work. How many hours we spend in the store to get things done and in four minutes he took everything," he said.