Fort Lauderdale teen bit by shark in Sebastian

Michael Adler's foot expected to heal completely after shark attack

SEBASTIAN, Fla. – A teenager from Fort Lauderdale is recovering in the hospital after he was bitten by a shark in Sebastian, north of Vero Beach. Michael Adler is a freshman at St. Thomas Aquinas.

The shark only bit the teenager's foot, but officials said the injury is pretty serious.

"Mikey got bit by a shark!" said in a phone call Matt Adler received Saturday morning about his 16-year-old son.

Michael Adler, nicknamed "Mikey," went surfing in Sebastian with three friends, eager to take on the waves whipped up by recent storms.

But the surfing excursion did not go as planned.

"He was sitting on his board, it was murky water and a shark bit him and he pulled his foot out of the water," said Matt.

The St. Thomas freshman from Fort Lauderdale quickly paddled to shore where other surfers and beach-goers helped him elevate his foot and used a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

Mikey thought he would just need a few stitches, but instead had to undergo surgery Saturday to repair four of his tendons.

Mikey had a great attitude about the whole ordeal. While friends Facebooked the fearless swimmer saying, "We will pray for you a speedy recovery," and "Mikey, get better bud," other friends simply said, "Get better" and one friend said, "Michael Adler, you are a champ."

Mikey was sending his own social media message, saying this bite better get him a starring role on Discovery Channel's infamous "Shark Week." He even said he thought the experience was kind of cool.

"I wasn't in that much pain at all. I thought it was pretty cool that I just got bit by a shark because it hasn't really happened to too many people," said Mikey.  

Mikey is expected to be released from the hospital by Monday and his foot is expected to heal completely.