Hamburger cook saves prom night for rejected date

Girl stood up just moments before prom


GRAHAM, N.C. – Here's a story that proves that knights in shining armor do exist, and sometimes they work at a hamburger shop.

Kelsey Baker of Graham, North Carolina was all excited to attend her first prom on Saturday night. That is, until Kelsey's date stood up right the big event... by text.

Devastated by the dejection, Baker broke down crying. Kelsey's mom was upset as well, but still wanted to show her daughter off to her aunt who happened to working a shift at Jim's Hot Dogs and Hamburgers nearby.

When Baker entered the restaurant, employee Brian Hayes noticed the tears and asked what was wrong. When he learned what had happened, Hayes' quick thinking saved the night.

Hayes had a customer turn up some music and then he invited Kelsey to dance in front of all the diners.

The act of chivalry worked as Kelsey left the restaurant with a smile and a memory much better than that she would have made at prom with the boy who stood her up.

Kelsey posted a picture of her and Hayes on Reddit and it has become a viral sensation.