Legal problems may stop BSO hiring

Amy Rose was campaign manager for Broward Sheriff Scott Israel

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Bad checks and unpaid traffic fines could derail a woman's chance at getting a job with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

A former president of the Broward Young Democrats, Amy Rose worked for the county commission for six years and managed Scott Israel's campaign for sheriff.

"She told me that she had legal issues," said Israel.

Israel was in the process of hiring Rose at the Broward Sheriff's Office to work in governmental affairs when he discovered she was wanted in Tallahassee for writing several bad checks while she was a student at Florida State University. The checks ranged from one for a sandwich to a $664 check for tuition. Leon County court records show that at least six checks were bounced and never paid.

"Again, it's something -- we're all responsible for what we do," said Israel.

Rose, who didn't respond to phone calls, paid restitution for the cases last month. The charges were then dropped.

But on top of those checks, Rose has a warrant in Broward County for failing to pay traffic fines dating back to 2009.

"She claimed that she didn't even know about this?" said Local 10's Bob Norman.

"Yes," answered Israel.

"Do you believe that?" asked Norman.

"Yes," replied Israel.

Israel said he was still trying to decide whether to hire Rose despite her legal troubles.

"I'm a very, very benevolent and caring and compassionate sheriff and people are allowed to make mistakes," he said.

On Monday, Israel hired Rose's husband, Wally Eccleston, as a purchasing agent at BSO.

Rose declined comment for this story.

Rose is scheduled to appear in court later this month to resolve the traffic warrant.