Eastern Conference champs gear flies off shelves

Miami Heat heading to NBA finals for 3rd straight year


MIAMI – Miami Heat fans hit the AmericanAirlines Arena to grab their Eastern Conference champions gear on Tuesday.

The must-have item -- the 2013 "Top of the East" T-shirt.

"They're for my boyfriend," said one woman buying the T-shirt.

"We're very blessed that this is the third year in a row that the Heat have won the Eastern Conference finals," said Andy Montero with the Miami Heat. "Sales continue to grow year after year."

Montero also advised shoppers on how to find authentic NBA gear.

"One of the key things to look for always is the NBA hologram," he said. "Most of the items in the NBA are all going to have a hologram that pretty much lets you know it's not a counterfeit merchandise."

Local 10's Baron James also found wristbands, watches, yamakas, and and shoes for sale.