Miramar woman wins Miami Heat block party


MIRAMAR, Fla. – A Miramar woman won a block party from the Miami Heat by being herself.

Ana Munoz and her friends celebrated the team's Eastern Conference finals championship on Tuesday.

"My brothers think I'm insane. My sister thinks I'm insane," she said. "But you know what -- they're all here, they're all apart of it."

"For my life, it's every day with my mom, and for my mom's life, it's every second in the day," said Munoz's son Wilfred.

Munoz has given her sons nearly every piece of Heat memorabilia in existence.

"It's just gotten really out of control," she said.

Munoz even dyed her pool red in honor of the Heat. She drove a golf court around her community and asked neighbors to put up signs, helping them win the block party.