Two cops in President's motorcade involved in accident

Officers taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital


MIAMI – Two members of the Miami Police Department were hospitalized after they were involved in a crash, while driving in President Obama's motorcade.

According to the department, the two sergeants were approaching the on-ramp to the Dolphin Expressway from Interstate 95 on motorcycles when the crash happened. An abandoned vehicle left on the shoulder of the road is believed to have contributed to the accident.

Officer Kenia Reyes identified those officers as Sergeant Rufus Devane III, 42, and Sergeant Santiago Cruz, 49. Both men are veteran officers in the department. Devane has been with the force for 19 years, Cruz for 22 years.

Both officers were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center, with non-life threatening injuries. As of early Thursday morning, they were undergoing tests to determine the extent of those injuries.

The investigation into what caused the crash continues.