Hundreds of fans leave early, try getting back in arena

Bandwagon Heat fans show true colors in Game 6

MIAMI – When the Heat's defeat in Game 6 seemed all but certain, some Miami fans poured out of the AmericanAirlines Arena in droves.

But with five seconds to go, Ray Allen nailed a three pointer, tying the game at 95 points apiece, sending Game 6 into overtime. The same fans raced back up the arena's steps, begging to be let in. The arena, though, has a no re-entry policy.

Local 10's Victor Oquendo was tweeting as he watched fans pour out of the arena.

@VictorOquendo: Fans streaming out...I'm gonna throw up.

@VictorOquendo: Now I'm watching horrible, drunk, quitting fans desperately trying to get back in. This is madness.

@VictorOquendo: I was born and raised in Miami. I used to hate the national perspective against Heat fans but I can't fight it anymore.

By the end of the night, Victor was trending in Chicago.

As for the fans who stayed until the very end, they were just as disgusted with the fans who left.

"It's probably the biggest regret in Miami 305 history," one fan told Local 10's Todd Tongen.

A second fan echoed the sentiment.

"Shame on the people who left early. You never give up on them whether they win or lose," she said. "How dare they leave."

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