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Judge strikes down plea deal for butt surgery suspects

Oneal Ron Morris, Corey Eubanks scheduled for trial in August

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MIAMI – A Miami-Dade Court Circuit judge rejected a plea deal for a man accused of posing as a doctor and giving toxic buttocks injections to patients and another man accused of being his accomplice.

Oneal Ron Morris and Corey Eubanks returned to court Tuesday. Under the plea deal, Eubanks' charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor and Morris would serve six months in jail followed by five years of probation -- with approval from the victims.

Morris was charged with practicing medicine without a license, causing great bodily injury.

"I just think this is not appropriate for a second-degree felony," said Judge Ellen Sue Venzer.

Both attorneys were disappointed with the result.

"The agreement was that my client was going to accept six months in the county jail followed by probation," said Michael Mirer, Morris' attorney. "Under the facts and circumstances of this case -- where there is no proof that there's ever been an cement or Fix-A-Flat or superglue or any of those substances that have been alleged in the media -- it was a fair and just result."

"He wants to get this case over, and all he did was allow his home to be used for this procedure," said Jim Lewis, Eubanks' attorney. "He wasn't present. He didn't benefit financially from it. He was a customer and had had this done."

Morris and Eubanks are expected to go to trial in August.

Morris identifies himself as a woman but is listed in court documents as a male.