George Zimmerman trial: Defense witness Jorge Meza


SANFORD, Fla. – George Zimmerman trial's defense called their second witness to the stand Friday.

Zimmerman's uncle Jorge Meza, who was born in Peru, said agreed with his sister Gladys Zimmerman Meza. He claims the screams for help captured in the 911 recording played in court numerous times were those of his nephew. 

The Orange County Sheriff's Deputy told jurors that he first heard the recording without knowing what it was.

"That voice just came and hit me," said Meza, who works as a courtroom officer.

Meza claims he was working at home, while his wife was listening to the news. He said he heard the screams coming from TV, and before even knowing their association to the case, he identified the screamer as his nephew.

"It was George Zimmerman screaming for his life," said Meza. "I felt it inside of my heart that it is George."