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George Zimmerman trial: Witness Jahvaris Fulton

Day 9 of George Zimmerman trial

Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman trial called Trayvon Martin's older brother to the witness stand Friday.

Florida International University student Jahvaris Fulton said he was about four years older than Trayvon when he died Feb. 26, 2012.

Following his mother Sybrina Fulton's testimony,  prosecutor John Guy played the chilling 911 recording for the second time Friday. Fulton also identified the person screaming in the 911 call as his brother.

Fulton told defense attorney Mark O'Mara that when he first heard the recording at the Sanford's Mayor's office he wasn't too sure if the person screaming was his brother.

"I was clouded by shock, denial and sadness," Fulton said. "I didn't want to believe that it was him."

O'Mara pushed to impeach Fulton, after playing an interview with a Miami T.V. station where he also expressed doubts about identifying the screamer.

Judge Debra Nelson did not allow O'Mara to play the interview to jurors and excused Fulton.

"That's not impeachment," Nelson said.

His mother Sybrina Fulton also testified that she recognized the screamer as Trayvon Martin.