TRIAL GUIDE: George Zimmerman's defense witnesses' testimony

George Zimmerman trial defense presents their case


George Zimmerman's defense attorneys wrapped up their case Wednesday afternoon. The testimony focused on the recording of a 911 call that a resident at The Retreat at Twin Lakes made on the day of the fatal shooting Feb. 26, 2012.

Over nine days, the prosecution presented 38 witnesses. Three witnesses -- mother, father, and half-brother -- identified the screams for help recorded in in the call as those of Trayvon. 

In about four days, the defense presented 18 witnesses. Nine witnesses -- ranging from family and friends -- identified the screams as those of Zimmerman.  

1. Gladys Zimmerman: is George Zimmerman's mom, who was born in Peru. She said she has lived in Central Florida for six years. After listening to the screams for help recorded in a 911 call, the mother said she knew the screamer was her son.

Highlights of her testimony.

2. Jorge Meza is George Zimmerman's uncle, who was born in Peru. He works as a courthouse deputy for Orange County. Meza claims that he heard the screams for help captured in the 911 recording, while his wife was watching the news, and knew immediately it was his nephew George.

Highlights of Meza's testimony.

3. Sondra Osterman is George Zimmerman's best friend's wife. After defense attorney Mark O'Mara played the 911 call, Osterman said she knew the screamer was "Georgey." There were tears.  Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda asked her about the proceeds of her husband's book. She said they were in a savings account and they were going to give them to Zimmerman after the trial.

VIDEO: Highlight's of her testimony.

4. Mark Osterman is George Zimmerman's best friend. He said he was the one who suggested Zimmerman get a Kel-Tec 9mm hand gun and taught him how to shoot it. He also testified that he recognized Zimmerman as the screamer in a 911 call.

Highlights of his testimony.

5. Geri Russo is George Zimmerman's friend. She said she worked with Zimmerman at Digital Risk in Maitland, Fla., where she heard him speak in both English and Spanish. She  was the fifth defense witness to identify the screamer in a 911 call as Zimmerman. 

6. Leanne Benjamin is George Zimmerman's friend.  The real estate agent also identified the screamer in the 911 call as Zimmerman. Her husband John Donnelly has been very supportive of Zimmerman.

7. John Donnelly is George Zimmerman's friend. He said he loved him like a son, taught him how to do the Windsor tie knot and spent about $1,700 to buy him suits, ties and shirts to wear in court. He also donated $2,500 for his defense and $500 to the website. Donnelly, a Vietnam war veteran medic, said he recognized the distressful screamer in a 911 call recording as Zimmerman.

VIDEO: Highlights of Donnelly's testimony.

8. Doris Singleton  is the Sanford police officer who interviewed Zimmerman at the police station after the fatal shooting.

VIDEO: Highlights of her testimony July 1st.

9. Chris Serino is the Sanford police homicide investigator in the case. Serino said when he allowed Trayvon's dad Tracy Martin to hear a 911 recording of some one screaming for help, the dad said it was not his son.

VIDEO: Highlights of his testimony July 1st

10. Adam Pollock is the owner of a gym in Seminole County. Pollock was charged with a battery on a woman and claims he trains amateur fighters. Zimmerman joined Pollock's Kokopelli's gym in 2010 and lost some 50 to 80 pounds, Pollock said. He also did some beginner boxing training.

11. Tracy Martin is the victim's father. Zimmerman killed his son Tracy Martin Feb. 26, 2012. Two Sanford police officers said that when they allowed him to listen to a 911 call recording, he said that was not his son. On July 8th, the mourning father said he was distraught and misunderstood. He said he never said it was not Trayvon and said that he is convinced that his son screamed for help before Zimmerman killed him.  

VIDEO: Highlights of his testimony.

12. Bill Lee is the former Sanford Police Department Chief. After the Sanford commission did not accept his resignation, Sanford City manager fired him in June of 2012. He said that when Sanford Mayor played the 911 recording in his office he was not asked to be there.

13. Dr. Vincent J. M. Di Maio is a board-certified anatomical, clinical and forensic pathologist, who is known nationwide for his work as a consultant.

VIDEO: Highlights of his testimony

VIDEO:  Di Maio explains his conclusions

VIDEO: Expert analysis on Di Maio's testimony

14. Norton N. Bonaparte, Jr. has been the City Manager of Sanford since September 2011. He said no one from the Sanford Police Department was present when Sanford's Mayor played the 911 call recording.

VIDEO: Archive: Impact of trial on the city.

15. Eloise Dilligard used to live at the Retreat at Twin Lakes and said Zimmerman was her neighbor. She was sick and testified through iPad's Facetime. She said the day of the fatal shooting, she saw Zimmerman's truck parked near the crime scene.  She said a Sanford police officer showed her pictures of Zimmerman and Trayvon. She identified Zimmerman and noticed his "bloody" nose. She said she also spoke to an FBI detective. She recognized the screamer in the 911 call as Zimmerman.

16. Dennis Root is a law enforcement expert and private investigator. He said that while growing up with two brothers, he got beat up a lot. This prompted him to begin taking martial arts training at age 13.

Hightlights of Root's testimony.

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17. Olivia Bertalan used to live at the Retreat at Twin Lakes. She said two burglars broke into her home and took a camera and a lap top on Aug. 10, 2011. She said Zimmerman bought her a new sliding door lock. Police arrested suspected burglar Emmanuel Burgess, who lived in the neighborhood. 

18. Robert Zimmerman Sr. is George Zimmerman's father. He said that he was sure the screamer in the 911 call recording was his son.  His testimony was brief.