Accomplice of butt-surgery suspect pleads guilty

Corey Eubanks to serve 1 year probation

MIAMI – A 42-year-old man accused of assisting a fake doctor who gave toxic buttocks injections to his patients pleaded guilty to two counts of culpable negligence.

A Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge on Friday okayed the plea deal that will see Corey Eubanks serve one year of probation.

Eubanks was arrested in connection with charges faced by Oneal Ron Morris, who is accused of injecting women with a toxic mix of chemicals. But Eubanks said he only introduced Morris to a woman and let them use his house for a medical procedure.

Eubanks said he pleaded guilty so he can move on.

"I took the plea because I have a son to raise and I really want to get on with my life, and the media has made this a circus and I really want people to understand that I had nothing to do with it," he said. "Two other people's decisions I'm paying for the rest of my life, so if you Google my name, you're going to Google 'butt shots.'"

Morris is expected to go to trial in August.