Hialeah SWAT team members talk about killing gunman, saving hostages

Florida Gov Rick Scott thanks first responders in Hialeah massacre


HIALEAH, Fla.Hialeah Police Department SWAT team members on Wednesday talked about entering an apartment where a gunman was holding two people captive after he had killed six others.

Sergeant Fernando Montalvo (pictured, right) was one of the six officers who entered the fifth-floor unit where 42-year-old Pedro Vargas was holding two hostages.

"This particular situation -- we trained and we were ready and confident and it turned out well," Montalvo said. "This is the career I chose and I am prepared to do it all over again. This is what I do."

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Montalvo and his teammates also met Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday.

"When things like this happen, your heart goes out to: one, families, the individuals who were impacted, but also I want to thank you for what you did," said Scott. "It can't be easy -- you put your lives at risk. If it wasn't for individuals like you, we wouldn't have the safety we have. People wouldn't want to come here as tourists. Our families wouldn't want to live here, and I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart -- I want to thank you."

The SWAT members said their reward is saving lives.

"Oh, we were elated. For us, that was the best outcome that we could possibly have," Montalvo said. "They were super grateful. They were very, very happy, congratulating us, wanting to meet us. They were super happy."