Teenager's favorite band mangled on ESPN

Graphic was meant to read 'One Direction'


WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – While most young teens are big fans of the musical group One Direction, it seems that Japanese Little League Nagiru Hiramatsu's favorite group is something completely different.

Or not.

During a Little League game airing on ESPN, the sports broadcasting giant listed Hiramatsu's favorite band as Wandai Wrection. Unfortunately, for the poor ESPN staffer who created the graphic, there is no such band as Wandai Wrection.

What happened is pretty apparent. Someone at ESPN asked Hiramatsu to list his favorite things and when he answered, probably with a thick accent, One Direction, the unnamed staffer took what they heard and spelled it out on the graphic, never stopping to realize that it didn't make sense.

No harm done, although many are now tying this mistake to the one a San Francisco television made in July when releasing the incorrect and inappropriate names of those they believed to be the pilots of the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed upon landing last month.