Florida Cabinet approves Coconut Grove Playhouse plan

FIU, Miami-Dade County, GableStage to reopen theater

MIAMI – Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet approved a new lease for the Coconut Grove Playhouse, who held a meeting in Miami on Tuesday to vote on the plan.

Florida International University, Miami-Dade County, and GableStage will partner to reopen the state-owned theater. Miami-Dade County has already set aside $20 million to rebuild the Playhouse; FIU plans to offer its theater students training there; and, GableStage will run theater.

"Our central goal is to restore great regional theater to Coconut Grove," said Michael Spring, Miami-Dade County's cultural director. "Without today's vote, this property could have been commercially sold, and then we would've had no control over the fate of that historic building and the historic site of theater for our community as well."

"Were it not for partnership with GableStage and our incredible partner of Miami-Dade County, we would not be standing here today, so we do see not only a business case, but partnership logic that creates a win-win circumstance that is in the community and that state's best interest," said FIU President Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

"This is a terrific moment and we're extremely grateful to everyone who's worked so hard for years to make this happen," said Joe Adler, the artistic director at GableStage.