2-year-old drowns in Southwest Miami Dade

MIAMI-DADE, Fla. – What happened at a two story home in Kendall Sunday night is every parents worst nightmare.

"I was working on my dad's truck and I heard screams of horror," said neighbor JC Mena.

Neighbors quickly realized that the 2-year-old girl they'd often see playing outside was not breathing after being pulled from the family swimming pool.

"And then I saw an ambulance and a guy running out, waving frantically," said Mena.

But that desperate effort was too late. The toddler was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Detectives told Local 10 that the tragic incident happened during a family gathering at the home.

"There was family members and friends at the pool with her," said Robin Pinkard, Miami-Dade police officer.

Those relatives are now speaking with police about the moments leading up to the girl's drowning as cops remind other families about South Florida's water dangers.

"We do have a lot of water in the area," said a detective. "You can get your children swimming lessons to prevent things from happening. We encourage swimming lessons at an early age."