Shuckers closed months after deck collapse

North Bay Village officials say insurance issues may be to blame for delay


NORTH BAY VILLAGE, Fla. – Pieces of wood still littered the water of North Bay Village Tuesday, two months after the deck collapsed at Shuckers Bar and Grill.

A major rescue effort was made to save the then two dozen people injured when the waterfront deck dropped in to Biscayne Bay.

So what's the hold up?

"All I can tell you is the ball is in their court," said Interim City Manager Frank Rollason. "We will assist in any way we can."

North Bay Village officials said insurance issues may be to blame, but only Chris Grentne, the owner of Shuckers, can answer that question. He didn't return calls made by Local 10 Tuesday.

Public records show several people have filed lawsuits against Shuckers related to the collapse.

"It's a landmark place for us," Rollason said. "People come here. We want them open for business again."

North Bay Village officials said that Grentne wants to open the restaurant in time for football season.