Christmas comes early to South Florida stores

Shoppers speak out about stores already offering layaway, holiday items for sale


MIAMI – Stores across South Florida are already getting into the holiday spirit as some begin to offer layaway and items for purchase.

National retailer Kmart has already begun running their first holiday TV ad in what has to be a record early rollout.

There has been a bit of a backlash on social media, as Local 10's Todd Tongen reports there were plenty of scrooges posting on Kmart's Facebook page.

"Because of your early Christmas ads, you've been cut from my Christmas shopping list," said Connie on their Facebook page. "Bah Humbug to your greed."

"I am so sick of Christmas being exploited," added Lois.

"Seriously Kmart? Please do not ruin the Christmas season by wearing it out before it starts," said Cynde.

However, Kmart said they just want their customers to know they have free layaway, and those type of purchases take some planning.

At Costco, the store already has items out already, including Christmas lights, nativity scenes, snow globes, glass trees, Santa on his sleigh and even Christmas trees.

The National Retail Federations' numbers on holiday shopping seem to back them up, as 38 percent of consumers shop early, 12 percent shop before September, 6 percent shop in September and 20 percent shop in October.

"I think they keep getting earlier and earlier," said Andrew Mangin. "Pretty soon it will be January first will be the new Christmas ad."

"During Christmas time, you have too many people to deal with, traffic and cars but if you do everything in September, you can relax," said Cindy Thompson.

"I think it takes away from the whole experience of Black Friday," said Chris Fetscher and Rita Bangert. "Black Friday is the closer. That's it you are done."