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House leader 'occasionally' lives outside district

Perry Thurston found at home in Plantation

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. – Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston, who Local 10 previously found appeared to live at a home outside his district, said last week he occasionally lives there.

Thurston said he lives there "when he wants to."

State Rep. Hazelle Rogers was adamant that she lives in a small condominium while she maintains a home with her family outside her district.

"Honestly, I live in my condo," she said. "My husband follows me whenever he feels like it."

About noon on Labor Day, Local 10 stopped by Rogers' condo but no one was home. She was found at her house.

Rogers said she was there to pick up her family for the AFL-CIO Labor Ball.

"You can find me here because this is my husband's property," she said.

Local 10 has investigated six elected officials who are apparently living outside the districts they serve, which violates the Florida Constitution.

Sen. Maria Sachs, who was seen on undercover video staying at her $1.5 million estate in Boca Raton outside her district, said she lived in a condominium in Fort Lauderdale that is owned by a campaign aide. She now says she lives in a condominium in Delray Beach.

State Rep. Jared Moskowitz said he lives in an apartment in Coral Springs rather than the townhome at Parkland Golf and Country Club where his wife and baby live. Moskowitz says he left the apartment and now rents a home for his family in Heron Bay.

Moskowitz and Sachs may be feeling the pressure of a state residency review that resulted from Local 10's investigation.

Sen. Jack Latvala, the Florida Senate ethics committee chairman, and Gov. Rick Scott vowed to tighten state law, but that hasn't stopped Florida House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston from living outside his district.

If you want to contact your elected officials about this investigation, see the links below:

Click here to email Gov. Rick Scott.

Click here to email Broward State Attorney Michael Satz.