Man wants answers in daughter's murder

Body of Tiffany Cabreja found in construction site

MIAMI – A man wants answers after police found the body of his 18-year-old daughter at a construction site in southwest Miami-Dade County on Saturday morning.

Police identified the body as Tiffany Cabreja, which was found in the 28200 block of Southwest 144th Avenue.

Witnesses saw what appeared to be a body fall out of the passenger side of a commercial truck at Southwest 144th Avenue and Southwest 288th Street about 7:52 a.m. Saturday, according to Miami-Dade police. The driver stopped the truck, placed the body back inside it, and continued driving north on Southwest 144th Avenue. The body of Cabreja was found nearby.

"Not only is it an isolated area but that kind of work is fairly isolated, so we know that somebody will come forward that knows not only the truck but knows who's driving that truck," said Miami-Dade police spokesman Det. Roy Rutland.

Cabreja's father, Domingo Cabreja, said she celebrated her 18th birthday last month.

"I'm the father and mother for 13 years," he said. "Her mother wanted to be alone, she wanted to be alone, she leave the house, which is why they give me the custody. (I) buy things with her (Tiffany Cabreja), go to the hospital with her, everything. They (Miami-Dade police) say they kill her someplace and they drop her there."

Witnesses also told police they saw a toddler in the truck. Cabreja said he believes the driver may have been a friend of his daughter.

"(The friend) told me he was working construction, he had a job and this and that, and I know he have a 3-year-old daughter, which is why I imagine it's him," he said. "About three months ago, they don't talk and then he find her phone number because she changed the phone [number] and he called her."

Domingo said he last saw his daughter about 8 p.m. Friday. She said she was going to the store.

"She was attached to me," he said. "I miss her."

Police haven't released a cause of death.

A vigil at the construction site was planned for 7 p.m. Monday.

"For this to happen and nobody to know nothing, it's just a matter of time before he get caught," said Daniel Greenreg.

Surveillance video captures a still image of the suspect's vehicle, sought after by police.
Surveillance video captures a still image of the suspect's vehicle, sought after by police.

Police described the driver as being in his 30s, standing 5 feet 9 inches tall, and having black hair. The truck had an open-caged cargo bed, a roll-up tarp, and writing on the drivers side door, possibly a mid-2000s Isuzu NPR single cab with an 18-foot trailer.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.