Vic's Picks: Falcons at Dolphins

Here are the players who caught Victor Oquendo's eye


PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Each and every week throughout the Dolphins season, Victor Oquendo will honor those players whose contributions led to the wins, and whose mistakes led to the losses, in his weekly Vic's Picks feature.


Lamar Miller:

In the 2nd quarter, dolphins down 10-0 the stadium was lifeless and with one 49 yard run, Lamar Miller woke up the Dolphins offense and the fans and a few plays later, Daniel Thomas found the end zone.

Dion Jordan:

With the falcons knocking on the door, 3rd down from the 2 yard line, Dion Jordan came up with a touchdown saving tackle. Maybe they should let him play more?

Caleb Sturgis:

You might as well pencil Sturgis in on this list every week. 3 50 yard field goals on the year, 6-6. He may never miss. Ever.

Michael Egnew:

Finally contributed to the team with his first catch of his career. Take that, T.Y. Hilton.