Police: Facebook video shows teenagers beating man

Eduardo Rodriguez, Alexander Baztan accused of beating Adriano Boniche

Eduardo Rodriguez (L) and Alexander Baztan (R)
Eduardo Rodriguez (L) and Alexander Baztan (R)

MIAMI – Miami-Dade police arrested two teenagers accused of beating a man in a video posted to Facebook.

Police say the video shows the teenagers, Eduardo Rodriguez and Alexander Baztan, beating Adriano Boniche after they were involved in an argument on August 18.

According to an arrest affidavit, Rodriguez, 19, and Baztan, 18, told detectives they beat Boniche, 21, who suffered a shattered cheek bone, a laceration on the right side of his head, and multiple bruises on his body.

Police charged Rodriguez and Baztan with aggravated battery.

The video posted to the Facebook account was obtained as evidence, police say.